CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW BRONZED LIFESAVERS. Chris Betlans, Adam Doyle, Lachlan Joseph, Jashua Milne, Kylie Parcell, Poppy Smyth, Geoff Kassulkie, Bailey Morgan and Jane Koster. Also big thank you to Wayne Scott and Glynis Kirby for travelling all the way down from Red Rock to examine our lot.

Surf Life Saving in Coffs Harbour is fast approaching 100 years of history

Surf Life Saving in Coffs Harbour is fast approaching 100 years of history

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Welcome to Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club

The Coffs Harbour Club was formed in 1923 and has operated continuously ever since. The club is a community organisation run by volunteers who are dedicated to protecting members of the public who surf and swim at the beach. Surf club patrols are conducted on weekends and public holidays during the surfing season from September to April each year. All active club members are required to obtain the relevant award(s).

The minimum is the Surf Rescue Certificate (13-14 years of age) and the Bronze Medallion (15 years and over). There are however conditions that allow award members to participate as Radio Operators, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate holders etc. More information on club membership can be obtained by contacting the club.

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Hugo Smyth Memorial Classic

When: 22.10.2017

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