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Boat Rowers’ Reunion

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Hi Rowers and Supporters

I hope you are all keen and prepared to get some tall stories ready for the night.

Our first ever Boat Rowers reunion is booked in for Saturday the 28th May 2016.

Our club spans a lot of years and we have rowers coming from all decades of our great club. From the old double enders to the modern day fibreglass boats, rowers will be able to share experiences and tales of glory or how you were so unlucky.

The success of this get together is really dependant on rowers and those involved in rowing from all ages to be there. This is not just aimed at those rowing today. We want  everyone who has been involved in Coffs Harbour SLSC Boat rowing family to come. No doubt Gt Thorn will have a few tales. And Swede your limited to 15 minutes per story ok?? The Old Boys have been a great influence and supporters of the boats over the years so please feel welcome to come along.

I personally have been involved in this club since I was a nipper at 8, getting into boat rowing with GT at 19 and have been involved in boats ever since. There is no better sport and the friends I have met along the way are keepers. Well most of them are. There’s a few I had to throw back. So talk to your old crews and friends and get on board.

Please have a look at this invite and if you have trouble buying tickets online follow this track

Go to Coffs Harbour website home page.

  • Open online payment
  • select identity to pay and put in Coffs Harbour. it will auto populate when you start typing.
  • Transaction type is a drop box and highlight function
  • put your name/boaties reunion in the Complete name / Meaningful payment details section . Don’t forget you name
  • $50 in the total  and complete the payment

Any problems please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

Paul Amos from the Bailey Centre has generously let us sell tickets from the Bailey Centre so go fill up and buy a ticket there if that is easier

We will keep in touch but numbers are limited so get onto it.

Deane Crockett
Reunion Organiser
m: 0418165177
e: info@coffsharbourslsc.asn.au

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