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Tubby’s White Whales

Tubbys White Wales Trust

What is Tubby’s White Whales?

The Tubbys’ White Whales Trust was established in 2009 after the passing of Coffs Harbour Surf Club Life member Peter ‘Tubby’ Wallace, to support the members and future generations of members, so they too could learn the ideals of the surf movement that Peter had been part of for so many years, at Torquay Surf Club in Victoria and subsequently the Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club.

Peter was a lifetime member of the both of these clubs, and it was his wish to have a Trust set up to foster and promote the sustainability of the Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club (CHSLSC). He gave of his time and energy to mentor the young and he wanted his legacy to continue, as he had learned as a young boy at Torquay, guided by senior members of the club, to understand the meaning of volunteering and giving of your time. Recognising the value of your fellow man … whatever their station.

Sharing a bond in training and competition and to be a part of a team and the fun and camaraderie that came into it too – all of this is what the Tubbys’ White Whales Trust represents.

The ultimate mission for Tubbys’ White Whales

The Trust’s mission is to be the guardian angel of the CHSLSC and to foster and promote the sustainability of the club above and beyond traditional club fundraising activities, with an emphasis on infrastructure. Friendships shared as a lifesaver have a life-long bond, and we feel this Trust – Tubbys’ White Whales, will help leave Peter’s footprint in the sand and the legacy will continue well into the future.

Tubbys’ also aims to enhance the profile of the CHSLSC through community, patron and media support of the Trust’s fundraising activities. Ultimately, we want to see the CHSLSC to become an integral part of the Coffs Harbour Community and where all kids, parents and individuals can come to take part in a fantastic community service.

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