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Training Program

Winter Season Training Program

Your Surf sports has been busy developing the off season training program, and we are offering this opportunity to both Senior and Junior members (from Under 8’s to Masters).

Both beach and water training activities will depend on numbers and the conditions, and offers all members the opportunity to prepare themselves for a competitive summer season. This is also a great way to develop fitness, endurance and life saving skills.

Dates to Save:

Training started Sundays of July at 9.30-11am, at the Jetty (Yacht Club end) joggers on ready to go.

Sunday training will continue until September the 3rd where we will switch to our summer training program of Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings.

Information for Junior members:

All junior members will require a pool proficiency swim to participate in any water sports. Please note that this season, sign off from Pool Swimming Coaches will not be accepted. An initial proficiency round is open to those who would like to participate on Saturday the 22nd of July at 4 to 5pm @ the Coffs Harbour Memorial pool. Cut off 4.45pm to complete proficiency.

Junior members will start with Beach Activities unless we get an ‘cracker’ of a warm day and activities will then depend on water safety availability.

Mandatory requirements for training: Must be Financial & Proficient:

An (on beach) Parent or Responsible Adult (juniors), Board (if applicable), Pink Rashie, Runners, Swimmers, Goggles, Towel & Water bottle also wetsuits allowed.

Club Ski Paddles on Bonville Creek 15th July (Seniors)

Paddles are running on Bonville Creek! Meeting at the club 1pm on initial Saturday to load and then commute to the creek. All welcome. Then proceed each other week at Creek.

Cross Fit Training

This is a great way to build core strength. This at The Box with Rachael. The Cross Fit Kids classes ages 5-11 Tues- Thurs 3.45pm-4.30pm

Teens Classes 12 and up Mon-Fri 4.30pm-5.30pm
$5.00 a session

Please be sure to renew your membership for the new financial year, so you can participate. You must be financial.
Membership is now due.



November Training Dates

Tuesday  31/10/2017                Jetty Beach         4.15pm
Thursday  2/11/2017                Jetty Beach         4.15pm
Saturday  4/11/2017                 Park Beach          7.30am
Sunday    5/11/2017                 Jetty Beach Carnival
Tuesday       7/11/2017              Jetty Beach          4.15pm
Wednesday 8/11/2017               Park Beach          4.30pm  Seniors only
Thursday     9/11/2017               Jetty Beach          4.15pm
Saturday     11/11/2017             Park Beach           1.30pm  because I am on patrol
Tuesday      14/11/2017              Jetty Beach           4.15pm
Wednesday 15/11/2017              Park Beach           4.30pm  Seniors only
Thursday     16/11/2017              Jetty Beach           4.15pm
Saturday      18/11/2017              Park Beach           7.30am
Sunday        19/11/2017              Woolgoolga Carnival
Tuesday        21/11/2017              Jetty Beach           4.15pm
Wednesday  22/11/2017                Park Beach           4.30pm  Seniors only
Thursday      23/11/2017               Jetty Beach           4.15pm
Saturday       25/11/2017               Park Beach           7.30am
Tuesday       28/11/2017               Jetty Beach            4.15pm
Wednesday  29/11/2017               Park Beach            4.30pm  Seniors only
Thursday      30/11/2017               Jetty Beach            4.15pm
Saturday       2/12/2017                Park Beach             7.30am


Week 12

Hi Guys
Please see below for stage 2 of training, note the start of Tuesday and Thursday training, we are training on Monday because we are on patrol.
Saturday    30/9/2017  8.00am           Park Beach    Iron person
Monday       2/10/2017 9.30 pm     Park Beach    Board / Ski
Tuesday      3/10/2017 4.15 pm     Jetty Beach    Board
Thursday     5/10/2017 4.15 pm     Jetty Beach    Board
Saturday     7/10/2017  8.00 am     Park Beach    Iron person


Week 11

Hi Guys
please see below
Saturday  23/9/2017    Park Beach 8.30am    = Iron person
Sunday    24/9/2017    Park Beach 8.30am    = board and ski


Week 10

Hi Guys
Please see below
Saturday  16/9/2017    Park Beach 8.30am    = Iron person
Sunday    17/9/2017    Park Beach 9.00am    = board and ski
Week day training will commence on the Tuesday after the long weekend as I don’t think we should train at dusk as per SLSA guidelines
Ok guys here’s the rub, we don’t care if you want to come down and not be too serious we will tailor a program to suit you, we want you to have fun and if you want to be a serious competitor we will certainly give you the pathway to get there as well, so footie-soccer and netball has finished so let’s get back to the beach.
Hope to see you on Saturday, if you need to talk about anything or need equipment please call me on 0404 741 897

Week 9

Hi Guys
Wweek 9 already, I am away this Saturday so go for a run or a surf
Sunday 1/9/2017 Jetty Beach 9.30 am Board training remember it is Father’s day so be nice to your dad’s for a change, anyway back to business, we have a huge gap in running prowess, which is ok, but unfair to some so their will be two grades of runners, Darren will grade you on Sunday, if you are in the lower group that’s ok it gives you a goal to achieve to make the top grade.
We are about to go to Saturday morning training so please stay tuned, now the University rugby side had 4 teams in the grand final yesterday and one all four grades, to all the surf club kids well done boys, Rory captain of the u/14’s and Jack Canning named best on field, and my 4th son captain of 1st grade, plus  Mac and Ollie, and the rest of you, good on ya fella’s
Aussie rules finals this weekend more wins I hope.

Week 8

Hi Guys
Saturday 26th  Bonville Creek (Moller Drive)  walk in the water at 2pm, Ski paddle
Sunday   27th  Jetty Beach  board
A big thanks to Steve for towing the trailer last week and for towing it again this week , remember if you need a ski or paddle
Muscles O’Rourke we have a ski on the trailer for you already.
Joel up for a paddle mate??
PS we have the clubs annual gear inspection this Sunday if Rachel ask please help the club out, to make sure we are compliant

Week 7

Hi Guys
How nice was it on Bonville Creek today, it is an amazing place, thanks to Gavin for dragging the trailer out for us we really appreciate it mate, remember everyone is welcome it is a get together more than training – PS even old people can come along (to keep me company)
Muscles O’Rourke thought it was so hot today he had about 10 swims off his ski, but he lived, good on ya Muscles.
OK by now you should be running at least 5k’s twice a week and swimming at least 3 times
Saturday 19/8/2017   Bonville Creek – walk into the water at 2pm
Sunday   20/8/2017   Jetty Beach  at 9.30am
If you need a ski ring me it is that easy!!!!!!

Week 6

Hi Guys
Please see below for training venues and times
Saturday 12/8/2017Bonville Creek at 2pm, if you need a ski please advise me asap, Note this is SKI ONLY
Sunday   13/8,2017Jetty Beach at 9.30 am

Week 5

Hi Guys
I am going to Wollongong to see my boy’s this weekend so Darren and Zippity will be running the Sunday training, note as I am away their will be no Saturday session at Bonville- sorry
Sunday  9.30am Jetty Beach   = Board

For additional info please contact:
Seniors: Freddy 0404741897 or Darren 0411285529
Email: mdoreilly@optusnet.com.au

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